Renovating my kitchen will raise my home value, right?
Posted 14 Feb, 2018

It's natural to want to get the most out of your home when you are ready to sell, but what renovations will up your home's price tag, and which will leave you with empty pockets?

Some things that come to mind right away are kitchen remodels and luxurious bathroom updates. However a recent article on Inam.com by Megan Wild lists kitchen remodels and luxury bathrooms as 2 of 5 renovations to stay away from as they tend to only bring back about two thirds of their price.While high end appliances may look great, they don't bring in the return that you may think. Try to focus on the area's of your kitchen that are the most out dated and consider mid-range appliances.

Although it may seem like every improvement will entice more buyers, and therefore, a bigger price tag, there are some renovations that incur a huge cost without a full return.

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